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ACCENT Radiofrequency

ACCENT Radiofrequency

Facial | Neck | Arms | Abdominal | Legs | Gluteus


Treatment for men and women.

What is skin tightening?

For a long time technology has sought to give skin back its youthful state. What until recently was not possible, now with radio frequency accent technology, is achievable to make skin shrink and contract, (skin tightening) without the need for surgery.

How does it work?

Radio Frequency produces a gradual heating on the skin, acting mainly on the existing collagen fibers, strengthening and producing on skin an effect called collagen genesis(new collagen formation), creating a skin contracting effect, and so giving it firmness(skin tightening). How does the treatment feel like?

It feels like a gradual heating on the skin that keeps on increasing without becoming painful. This treatment is for both men and women that wish to improve their appearance without surgery.

What can I expect of this treatment?

The result can be appreciated in two phases: the first one occurs in an immediate way when a contraction on the existing collagen is achieved, and the second phase will keep on accentuating with the passing of weeks, when new collagen fibers are formed achieving the maximum effect 90 days after the treatment.

Body Treatment

Just like in the facial area, the Accent treatment works contracting the skin, and so improving the flaccidity of the tissue caused by aging, pregnancy and sudden weight loss or gain.

Said contraction is palpable in arms, abdomen, gluteus and legs. The result is evident on the first session, after which you’ll notice that clothes fit better.

The treatment is also indicated for diminishing the appearance of cellulitis, mainly because this problem is linked to flaccidity. So, when giving firmness to skin, the appearance of cellulitis diminishes.


On the face or neck is useful to achieve the contraction of the skin (lifting effect) since it redefines the face’s oval, lifts the cheekbone and the eyebrows, also the neck (dewlap) and remodels the eyes outline.

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