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What is cellulitis?

Cellulitis is developed in phases, each one is affected more and more by estrogen, bad circulation, water retention, the increase in adipose cells and skin elasticity loss.

Can this unpleasant problem be eliminated with diet and exercise?

Diet and exercise allow a weight reduction but, unfortunately, does not influence in cellulitis developed in different skin levels. And so, it’s required combining different techniques to fight it at each one of those levels.

What are the different phases of cellulitis and how can I recognize them?

Cellulitis has 4 phases:
Phase 1 – “Orange peel” aspect, visible only when pinching the skin.
Phase 2 – “Orange peel” aspect, visible without pinching the skin.
Phase 3 – Cushioned surface or aspect and circulation problems.
Phase 4 – All before mentioned symptoms and, plus, skin elasticity loss, which causes fat accumulation with wavelike appearance and vascular problems, like telangiectasia and ecchymosis.

How does LipoMax™RF work?

LipoMax™RF gathers a series of powerful technologies to better penetrate in skin levels affected by cellulitis.

The treatment is developed in three phases, which will allow consecutive access to different subcutaneous fat layers.

The powerful suction massage removes the lymphatic blockages and activates blood circulation, while the infrared light warms the tissues and stimulates adipolysis (fat elimination).

The ultrasounds access the deep adipose levels and act intensely in them to accentuate adipolysis (fat elimination).

The radiofrequency increases the production of collagen, that reaffirms the skin and improves the outer appearance.

Is the treatment painful?

There is practically no unpleasant sensation. Some clients with sensible skin could experience a slight heat sensation. The LipoMax™RF does not cause any trauma on the dermic tissue or on capillaries. After the treatment, slightly tenser skin or lighter legs could be felt.

Can LipoMax™RF be used on men?

Naturally, although it is odd for men to have cellulitis. The fat distribution in them is different to women’s: fat accumulates mainly in the middle section of the body, the abdominal tone and the waist, where fat cells have a slower metabolism.

LipoMax™RF efficiently fights the tougher circumscribed fat accumulation, remodels and redefines the body’s contours, and so encourages men and women to eliminate excess fat.

The joint use of these energy technologies, allow fighting with precision the accumulation of circumscribed fat and reducing it, obtaining faster and longer-lasting results.

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