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Facials are an excellent combination of benefits where the main objective is to return youth to a face and increase the cellular oxygen and the production of collagen and elastin.

European Facial (50 min.)

Basic, helps eliminate impurities, resulting in a luminous and moisturized skin, recommended for all kinds of skin.


Saudé Facial (90 min.)

Luxury facial, a base of antioxidants, vitamins C, A and E. Collagen in patches for eyelids, Botox effect, revitalizing serums, excellent results in moisturized, fresh and firm skin.

$95.00 dls.

Dermapeel Facial/Microdermoabrassion (60 min.)

The best exfoliating treatment, softens the skin reducing scars, spots, blurs the fine lines, ideal for stretch marks (with extraction)

$60.00 dls.

Ultrasound Facial (60 min.)

Based in collagen and hyaluronic acid, helps activate cellular metabolism at greater actives absorption, expression lines vanishing, toning, softness and elasticity (deep hydration).

$60.00 dls.

Lumifacial (80 min.)

Light, micro currents and polarized high frequency currents based therapy. For the treatment of acne, spots, couperosis (red spots), and sun caused damage.

$60.00 dls.

Oxygen Therapy Facial (45 min.)

A treatment for mature skin which reduces the effects of aging, nourishes the skin with vitamins, minerals and pure oxygen, leaving a healthy skin. We have oxygen therapy treatments designed for acne.

$70.00 dls.

Cosmecanique (70 min.)

Facial gymnastics treatment, acts against aging, stimulates collagen and elastin production, pre-op and post-op.

$60.00 dls.

Male Facial (50 min.)

$50.00 dls.

Lumilift (70 min.)

A photo rejuvenating light and micro dermal current based treatment, helps in restoring the facial outline and delay aging.

$60.00 dls.

Depigmentation Facial

Helps reduce the skins pigmentation, renewing it, contributing clarity and improving its quality.

$60.00 dls.

Oxygen therapy for acne (60 min.)

$80.00 dls


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