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Modern dermatology… a matter of health and aesthetics

With more than 40 years in Tijuana and a professional dermatologist Dr. Antonio Cueva Paz belong to prestigious organizations in their field.

n Tijuana they formed UDCP – Skin Dermatology and Surgery Unit (in spanish - Unidad Dermatologica y Cirugia de la Piel), that has evolved into the SAUDÉ Medical Spa which is dedicated to attending children, men, women and elderly, with a wide array of resources in which medical science and technology integrate to the service of health and natural appearance.

- The SAUDÉ Medical Spa specializes in skin, hair and nails illness and care in patients of any age.
- Our services include skin tumors, moles, spots, warts surgery and the removal of certain scars and tattoos.
- We implement several techniques in successful acne and scars treatment, like dermabrasion and medical peeling.

Modern criteria in Dermatology allows for an appropriate assessment of the personal aesthetic, as well as an authentic need of physical health of the largest organ in our body.

It’s the only skin we have, it’s beautiful by design and… has to be cared for.

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